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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 12, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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happened inside of that apartment. sunnyvale police saying that this is their third officer-involved shooting in 2015. reporting live in sunnyvale, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> ian, thanks for the update. just into the newsroom, new legal action after the berkeley balcony collapse. a dozen lawsuits filed this afternoon in connection with the tragedy. six college students were kill when the balcony gave way during a party in june. the civil lawsuits filed today are against the apartment complex's owner, the contractor and the property firm that manages that complex. according to the "irish times" the lawsuit claims the property manager continued to rent the units despite complaints about wood rot in the balcony. there are 39 defendants named in these lawsuits. we've obtained surveillance video just into our newsroom now. late this afternoon, police say the man you're seeing here inside of a big 5 sporting goods store on the peninsula stole a shotgun and then drove to a san
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francisco hospital in the mission district, climbed atop a building and started firing. we brought you the story as it was developing. it was breaking news yesterday during our 5:00 newscast. from the san bruno police department with a lot of new information. pete? >> reporter: yes, you know, san bruno police say this man entered the san bruno big 5 holding a paper advertising a shotgun. little did the managers know he had no intentions of buying it. police say the surveillance video shows 25-year-old javier lopez garcia holding a handgun by his waist directing the manager of this big 5 sporting good store in san bruno to hand over the shotgun. that's the same shotgun he pointed from a rooftop at st. luke's hospital then at san francisco police before he was shot and killed by officers. >> it was strange because he had an ad for a shotgun that he showed the manager, he said i'd like to look at this particular weapon. >> reporter: lieutenant tim ma
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hone with san bruno police describing the exchange at the store before garcia pulled out his handgun. >> i don't want any money, don't want anybody to be hurt but if you try to stop me, i'm not afraid to shoot people. >> reporter: according to san bruno police, he also showed no regard for his own life. >> he also made a statement to the manager that, you know, he was suicidal, that he wasn't afraid to get shot either. >> reporter: sfpd and san bruno police have yet to release the motive of the shooting. in san bruno, nbc bay area news. new at 5:00, imagine having to drop your children from a second-story window to save their lives. it's exactly what happened in san jose this afternoon. a fire broke out at a home on east williams just south of downtown. two parents and their young children were trapped in their upstairs bedroom. neighbors and passersby answered their screams for hep and convinced them to drop the 2-year-old and 5-month-old into their waiting arms. >> they say just do it because you don't have that much time
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and i didn't want just to drop them. are you guys sure you got them? and they said yes. >> they all made it out. once the family was safe firefighters worked to revive the family's two dogs. they're being treated at a nearby animal shelter. no word yet on the cause of this fire. an east bay neighborhood on edge tonight after a home invasion robbery. it happened 9:45 this morning in moraga on via granada. investigators tell us the suspects used guns to threaten and rob the homeowner and several other adults inside the house. fortunately, no one was hurt. police say there's no apparent connection between the suspects and the victims. it appears random at this time. the three robbers are still at large. ski season is on. we want to show you some new photos from alpine meadows at lake tahoe. the ski resort opened today weeks ahead of schedule. other major tahoe resorts open on saturday. now our recent storms layered the ski runs as you can see with
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snow and another storm should hit this weekend. >> that's very nice. among the primary questions aside from the snow or the snowboarders or skiers, is this related to el nino? chief meteorologist jeff rainier hi has new insight. i understand new numbers here. >> we certainly do. there's a little correlation with the storms lately and also el nino. the biggest news today is the latest update. when we take a look at the rankings, 1997 ranks as the strongest el nino on record based on sea surface temperature averages from august, september and also october. the largest news today it's now 2015 our current el nino jumped to second place out ahead of 1987. so what does this current ranking mean for our rainfall potential across the bay area? i've calculated the averages. the south bay would have a 50% average of above average rainfall for mid-december through march so still a very solid chance of getting this wet weather in here. for the east bay and peninsula, 47% chance. the north bay at 44%. the other thing we've been talking about is this warmer
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weather coming in with el nino at times. would it mean that we wouldn't get any snowfall? let's go ahead and take a look. historically i looked back at the data. you can see our lowest snowing a for this date during el nino, 1966 with 75% of average. take a look at '82, '83 el nino, 225%. raj and janelle, just because we get warmer storms in here does not mean we'll not be left with any sierra snow. >> track the forecast for your neighborhood 24 hours a day with our free nbc bay area app. we reported extensively this el nino rain will not wipe out our drought. experts say there are ways to solve the drought. so why aren't we doing it? senior investigative reporter steven stock back from the middle east, continues our series on the drought. steven? >> reporter: raj, we found companies right here in silicon valley that have developed technologies to solve our water crisis but the ceos of those companies tell us they can't get any traction here in california. we went behind the scenes to see
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how the technologies work and found fascinating things that have attracted investors but can't get much attention from california policymakers. the company ceos blame the state's maze of rules, regulations and 412 different water districts for the problem. so these silicon valley companies have taken their business overseas. >> the left hand and the right hand don't necessarily communicate on different platforms and have different concerns and so they don't necessarily communicate. >> right now we can't get the permits because everybody puts us into litigation. >> so you go elsewhere. >> so you go elsewhere. >> reporter: go to the middle east. >> go to the middle east. >> reporter: tonight we will show you how some of this technology works up close and can actually solve some our drought problems and we will talk to some of the people with the money, the investors who want to invest but can't because of all the red tape here in california. that's all part of our second part of our ongoing series, "surviving the drought." we investigate california's water crisis tonight at 11:00 on
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nbc bay area. >> very interesting reporting there. thank you, stooem. see you at 11:00. if you have a tip for our investigative unit we urge you to call 888-99 -tips or send us an e-mail directly to she is not giving up. one day after meeting with nfl executives in new york, oakland mayor is back home in town. just minutes ago she said she isn't giving up her fight to keep the raiders in bay area. >> i am staying focused on getting a deal done in oakland. i cannot let the los angeles story distract me from my goal which is to enhance the economic vitality of the coliseum area to keep as many teams as possible in oakland and to be a good steward of the taxpayer dollar. >> the mayor is talking about the raiders' plan to move full speed ahead to southern california. this week the team hired disney ceo bob igor to lead the raiders relocation project. that plan includes a new stadium
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in carson near downtown l.a. she'll have a better analysis within about two months. whether you're a football fan or not this is a complex and really nebulous issue. we're curious what you think. who's at fault if the raiders do leave oakland? late this afternoon, i tweeted out an informal survey. who's to blame if the raiders move back to southern california? the owner, mike davis, or do you blame the city of oakland or alameda county? right now about 300 people weighing in. it's almost split as you can see. right now 54% of everyone responding on twitter blames owner mark davis for the possible move. 46% lay the blame on city officials. you can weigh in on twitter @rajmathai. they can be annoying and dangerous. the faa says laser strikes are expected to hit an all-time high this year. just this week, two commercial airliners approaching sfo reported laser strikes coming from mountain view and palo alto. and last night, our chopper pilot in new york city was blinded. the chopper camera actually
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captured the suspected culprits and police arrested one man and detained two others. >> we're talking about a helicopter here that weighs almost two tons. imagine that coming down on your house because the pilot's vision is impaired. even more serious is if it was a jetliner. >> the faa says more than 5,000 laser strikes have been reported this year and that includes the bay area. 83 in san jose. 72 in san francisco. and 51 in oakland. now, pointing a laser light at an aircraft is a federal crime. you could face 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. still ahead on "nightly news" a closer look at this growing danger in the sky and how easily these lasers can blind pilots and cripple the cockpit. "nightly news" begins at 5:30. standing up against student debt. hundreds of uc berkeley students took part in a nationwide million-student march. i'm jodi hernandez.
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i'll have details coming up. also take a look at this. the orange juice robbers. police are showing off this video of some thieves pounding some orange juice in the middle of a burglary. the reason police want you to see it. it's been a secret for months. sewing machines have been humming. >> helping bay area veterans one stitch at a time. one woman's mission to thank the men and women who have served our country. an active day at
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uc-berkeley...and dozens of other colleges nationwide. thousands of students an active day at uc berkeley. really dozens of other colleges nationwide. thousands of students across the country gathering to demand free, or at least more affordable, college education. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us from the cal campus this evening. skbrr this is a big ask. what do they expect to happen here? >> reporter: raj, students here at cal say making ends meet both during and after college has gotten way too tough. they joined a nationwide day of protest today to call attention to what they call a student debt crisis. >> student -- >> loans! >> reporter: students at uc berkeley are joining the call for tuition-free public college. they say the cost of a college degree has gotten too tough to
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shoulder. >> as the cost of education has increased, the actual value and utility of having a bachelor's degree decrease the which is really alarming. as the costs have gone up, the quality of the education we're getting has gone down. >> reporter: the protest is part of a nationwide movement. students across the country are are rallying as part of the million-student march. demanding an end to tuition. a cancelation of student debt. and a $15 an hour minimum wage at every college campus. >> just for wanting to come to university and learn and especially in the job market nowadays not having a college degree is bad and having a college degree is worse because you don't even get a job with the money that you spent coming here. >> reporter: california nurses association came out in force today to support these students. they say they, too, are are impd by the high price of college. they want change. >> in my own case, i just paid the last check this week after
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20 years where i finished paying my student debt. >> reporter: uc officials tell me the annual cost of tuition is just over $12,000. they say that hasn't gone up since 2011, but students say that is still too much. they're going to continue to push for tuition-free college. reporting live at uc berkeley, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. an angry message for lawmakers in the south bay today. protesters demanding more low-income housing. dozens of people gathered holding signs, chanting and giving speeches intended for state senate members holding a meeting at san jose city hall. the activists say they represent tens of thousands of fixed-income seniors. people with disabilities. and minimum wage workers who are being forced from their homes by sky-rocketing rent. they claim higher pay tech workers are driving prices up and the state isn't taking action to stop it. well, veteran's day is usually marked by touching
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heartfelt ceremonies honoring the people who serve this country. >> that was certainly the case in pleasanton yesterday but this ceremony also had another surprise. garvin thomas explains in tonight's "bay area proud." >> it's an often repeated statistic that old age is claiming 1,000 world war ii vets a month in the united states. it's not just a statistic, though. those people make up many of your neighbors which is just the case for a group of east bay women. what they did this year to honor those men and women is tonight's "bay area proud." sure, the second world war may have ended 70 years ago, but that doesn't mean all its secret missions are over. like the one a group of women at the stoneridge creek retirement community in pleasanton have been on for months. >> it's a secret special op, yes. >> reporter: kate kelly says whole operation began right around veteran's day last year when she and others began to realize just how many of their
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neighbors had served. >> here at stoneridge creek, over 20% of our population has served. and that's stunning. to imagine that we have 21 living world war ii vets among us right now is incredible. >> reporter: with so much history around them, and dwindling time to act, they began gathering the vets' stories to preserve them forever. >> here we had this wonderful opportunity and we didn't want to waste it. >> reporter: but what about thanking them? >> that one's good. >> reporter: it was then kate says someone mention eed quiltsf valor, a national group that custom makes quilts for vets. kate and her friends contacted the local chapter then got busy quilting. and quilting. and quilting. >> it's been in secret for months. sewing machines have been humming. >> reporter: all so this veteran's day they could surprise their world war ii vets and neighbors with the finished products. >> dan ashton. united states navy.
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1943-1946. >> peg crystal. united states navy. 1943-1945. gorvin papis. united states army. 1942-1945. prisoner of war. >> reporter: months in the making, these quilts became instant heirlooms. once in the hands of the grateful veterans. >> wonderful that they remember. it's wonderful that we're still here to hear them say it. overwhelmed. really am. >> reporter: just one more way the quilters say of thanking them for all we have to be thankful for today. they started with the world war ii veterans for obvious reasons, but there are lots of other veterans there at the facility. they want to go and continue this. recording their stories and preserving them in the library there and then also presenting
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them with quilts as they go on. so they're just inspired to do more after this experience. >> so special for those veterans. they certainly deserve it. >> they to. >> thank them so much for their service. thanks so much, garvin. >> really nice. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're talking about snow and maybe a return of rain around here. >> yeah, we definitely have another good mix of weather coming our way as we look ahead toward that upcoming weekend. of course, you can always get a preview of that on the scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen. as we take you outside the sky camera network right now, wasting no time of these temperatures dropping off. down to 61 in the south bay. contra costa, alameda counties. down to an average of 58. san francisco 57. the north bay at 63. while we have high clouds up above we still think tomorrow morning will begin mainly clear and that will spell another cold morning for marin, napa, sonoma counties, up in the north bay. down to an average of 36. another morning with patchy frost expected. a bit chilly for san francisco at 49.
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39 in the east bay and down toward the south bay, an average of 42. i want to take you to next changes we're tracking and that's our storm system just off to the north. you can see this active layer of moisture streaming into canada. also washington and oregon. we're going to see a small branch of this break off as we head through the next 72 hours. that's going to give us that possibility of rainfall. as we get a look specifically for tomorrow, i don't think there's any way we're going to get any rain. high pressure off shore still. that will give us a few 70s. a touch warmer on friday's forecast. as we head throughout saturday, the day looks dry. we'll have slightly cooler temperatures as the storm system approaches. but then again by sunday, cold front drops down. it looks good for at least .10 to .35 an inch of rainfall and primarily for the morning hours. let's take a look now at where some of the highest rainfall is expected. with the storm taking more of a classic setup here from the north down to the south, the north bay and the coastal mountains will have the best chance of higher totals.
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.032 in santo rosa, .031 in napa. still a decent amount of wet weather expected for los gatos to san jose with about a quarter of an inch. the microclimate forecast for friday, see another stellar day. south bay, cupertino, 70, sunny skies. peninsula, 65 in pacifica, palo alto 69. in san francisco, we'll have a round of mid 60s. north bay, east bay and also for the tri valley, a few more 70s expected. not too hot. not too cool. we'll go with 70 in pleasanton. up for the east bay, 70 also in fremont. for the north bay, probably some of the most beautiful weather expected here tomorrow. sunshine and upper 60s to low 70s. so the weekend forecast, at least the first half of it stays dry. and the cold front arrives. we get that chance of rain again in the morning hours on sunday, and look at these temperatures plummet. south bay an average of only 63 on sunday. the east bay with just 61. not only that possibility of rain, but forecast models are
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still throwing out the chance here after 3 to 5 inches of snow on sunday. so if you're heading up saturday, great, sunny skiing weather and sunday for the experts when that snow's coming down. >> blinding snow. that's great. >> that would be that knejanelln friday. >> on sunday i'd be in the lodge. >> i'd be drinking hot coca, too. still ahead, a drink break-in. newly release ed sir surveillan video shows thirsty burglars. they took birth control pills but got pregnant. the major lawsuit by moms across the country and the big demand that they're making. take a look at this-- a juice
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break during a break- you have to check out this video. a juice break during a break-in. this guy loves orange juice. check out the suspect in a home burglary. taking orange juice out of the fridge and just drinking it straight out of the carton. san jose police need your help to identify the juice drinker and his accomplice. investigators released this video today and said the suspects not only took the juice but did get way with other things as well. it happened back in august on mia circle in south san jose. now, we want to show you close-ups of the men. police have already arrested a third suspect. if you recognize these two men, please contact san jose police.
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the death penalty lives on. federal appeals court today reversed an earlier ruling which declared california's system unconstitutional. today's decision found the prisoners' wait time on death row which is often years or decades does not amount to cruel or unusual punishment. california hasn't put an inmate to death, by the way, since 2006 because of political opposition and legal challenges to the lethal injection method. just last week governor brown proposed a new execution option which used a single drug instead of three drugs. that method still needs approval. they took the birth control pill but say they still got pregnant. now more than 100 women are suing the drug maker. the lawsuit claims the pills in the birth control packet were not in the right order so women took the pills on incorrect days and say they got pregnant unexpectedly. many defendants are asking the drug maker to pay for the cost of raising their kids. the unplanned pregnancies happened around four years ago. 26 oath of the women are from
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california. they say they only found one defective packet. roll out the red carpet. this is the bay area's version of the oscars. >> up next, the startups and life-saving technology being honored at tonight's tech awards.
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great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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drones .. but we're also known for some life-saving technology silicon valley is fast becoming famous for driverless cars and drones but we're also known for life-saving technology for developing countries. many of those will be on display tonight at the annual tech awards recognizing startups who use technology to help others. for example, a backpack that can purify enough water to keep a family hydrated when there's no clean water around. >> basically it's made for disaster response. so after a flood, earthquake, even cholera outbreak where families can actually go and treat contaminated water. >> another company being honored tonight, a startup that can make a pair of reading glasses in minutes. the cost just $1. tonight at 6:00, they make one for our business and tech reporter scott budman. we'll see if they fit. starts tonight at 7:30 at the san jose convention center. >> i'm looking for the red carpet there. i didn't see anything. >> maybe they're rolling it out. >> of course.
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yes. >> great weather for that tonight, too. >> thanks for joining us alts 5:00. lester holt joins us next with "nightly news." developing news tonight. danger in the sky. 20 aircraft struck by lasers in the past 24 hours. one of the suspects arrested on camera. tonight we'll show you how these lasers can blind pilots and cripple the cockpit. deadly bombings. isis claims responsibility for attacks that left dozens dead. less than two weeks after it took credit for taking down a passenger plane. goodfella's verdict. a reputed mobster learns his fate in the trial for the biggest heist in u.s. history, immortalized in a mafia movie classic. botched birth control? more than 100 woman who use the pill say a packaging error led to pregnancy. now these moms say the company should pay. "nightly news" begins right now.


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